Prison Break: The Final Break 2009

The movie covers the events which occurred in between the downfall of The Company and the finale of the series. It details the arrest and incarceration of Sara Tancredi, the final escape plan which Michael devises for Sara. It also reveals the ultimate fate of Gretchen Morgan.

Prison Break 1938

Barton MacLane stars as a tuna fisherman who has been wrongfully convicted of a murder he did not commit. His exemplary behavior in prison ensures that he is up for early parole. He realizes, however, that his movements will be limited, and he will be unable to join and wed his beloved. The only solution is to escape and hunt down the real killer, himself.

Dannemora Prison Break 2018

The two-hour special dives back into the historic 2015 prison break by Clinton Correctional Facility inmates David Sweat and Richard Matt.

Prison Break-In 2015

Hank Mason lives a modest life in his childhood home. He clings to a pretty girlfriend and works toward a lifestyle that doesn't really suit him. When his father is unable to care for himself and moves back in with Roy, he brings an unfulfilled history with him. Through an avalanche of troubles, father and son realize sometimes you have to break out to break in.

Prison Break 2017

One late night in June 1942, Sakuma Seitaro dangles from the frame of a skylight in an isolation cell in Akita Prison. He forces open the glass window and breaks out of jail. This crime even reaches the ears of Urata Susumu, the chief warden of Kosuge Prison in Tokyo. Urata had been in charge of those sentenced to life in the prison until last year. Although Sakuma is a dangerous person who had also broken out of jail in Aomori, he submits to Urata who is the only person who had treated him kindly in the past. However, three months after escaping from jail, Sakuma shows up at Urata’s house. He has come to complain about the inhumane Akita prison officers. But he is locked up again after Urata notifies the police during an unguarded moment. A year later, Sakuma is sent to Abashiri Prison and Urata is also ordered to transfer as the prison’s chief warden.

Prison Break 1969

Set up to be the patsy by a rival gang, Furuta Makoto attacks the yakuza boss he thinks is responsible for his father’s murder. He then learns it was all a plot to take over his father’s turf and he seeks vengeance against the puppet master behind the entire conspiracy. His quest for justice leads him to prison where he must fend off the attack of a master assassin before he can make his escape and go after the true killer!

Prison Break 2015

The story of two brother, one of which is convicted and jailed by mistake. The other brother sets up an escape plan.

The Werewolf Game: Prison Break 2016

Akari Inui and other students are kidnapped and imprisoned. They are forced to take part in a game to kill and survive. The last survivor will receive one hundred million yen.

Prison Break 2005

Due to a political conspiracy, an innocent man is sent to death row and his only hope is his brother, who makes it his mission to deliberately get himself sent to the same prison in order to break the both of them out, from the inside out.

Prison Break: Proof of Innocence 2006

The story of Amber McCall as she attempts to uncover evidence to exonerate her friend, L.J. Burrows. A low-budget spin-off series of Prison Break made exclusively for mobile phones with each episode being approximately 2 minutes long. Although the story of this mobisode series revolve around the conspiracy that put Lincoln Burrows in jail, the series does not feature any of the actors from the TV series. Additionally, these episodes were not written by the team of writers from the TV series and the TV series does not acknowledge the events that occurred in this spinoff.

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