Ophelia 2019

Ophelia comes of age as lady-in-waiting for Queen Gertrude, and her singular spirit captures Hamlet's affections. As lust and betrayal threaten the kingdom, Ophelia finds herself trapped between true love and controlling her own destiny.

Ophelia 2018

A depressed college student wants to seek psychiatric help from her parents but they have other plans in mind

Ophelia 2013

The forest, the dunes, the ocean. Thomas and Simon, 12 and 9 years old, pedal fast. They know she comes to sunbathe here everyday, naked, on the beach. Away from the rest of the world.

Ophelia 1969

A portrait inspired by reading about John Millais' painting Ophelia.


10 minutes before a debut play, Kate Janelle is kidnapped in a cocaine filled over-the-top revenge scheme.


A short film based on William Shakespeare's Hamlet.

Ophélia 1963

A young man becomes enraged when his mother remarries his wealthy uncle after his father dies.

Natalie Merchant: Ophelia 1998

A conceptual short film starring Natalie Merchant as various archetypal female characters, plus a series of music videos from Merchant’s first two solo albums.

Waiting for Ophelia 2009

After years of live-in domesticity, Caitlin wants to finally tie the knot with her union activist boyfriend Jonah, who is adamantly against the institution of marriage on principle. For their most recent "anniversary", the couple plans a quiet dinner with family and friends. But when one of the party doesn't show, the rest are forced to cool their heels, giving type-A Jonah plenty of time to be tortured by the fledgling relationship between his sister Zellie and her new boyfriend Jude, a recent ex-con. Throw in the bizarre behavior of his best friend Bart, and a defiant ultimatum from a fed-up Caitlin, and suddenly the night isn't shaping up quite the way Jonah had planned. There are recriminations and revelations as Jonah and caitlin get to find out whether all good things come to those who wait.

Ophelia Learns To Swim 2000

A wimpy girl turns Superheroine when she joins bankrupt Mother Nature, The Librarian & the Chocolatier to battle wealthy villains Virginia Svelte, Cosmetic Chick & The Doucher.

Ophelia's Flowers 1968

Jørgen Leth's experimental take on Ophelia's madness scene in Shakespeare's Hamlet.

Ophelia Comes to Town 1985

During a production of "Hamlet", the withdrawn lead actor and the girl playing Ophelia, who has just escaped a life of drugs and prostitution, spark an unlikely and low-key romance.

Ophelia Did Not Drown 2016

"Ophelia did not drown” is a performance art film produced in collaboration with Istituto Luce Cinecittà. The movie integrates heterogeneous languages seemingly incompatible: the sociological national repertoire and original performance art specifically designed for this project. At the center the movie is an Ophelia who is different from any literary tradition: not the fragile teenager in love with Hamlet, but many women of different colors, features and ages. A modern contemporary Ophelia, very sweet but also cynical. Our Ophelia is not lost in the woods of Denmark, but in the countryside of Lazio, from the Gazometro to the junkyard in Cisterna di Latina, from the arid limestone caves of Riano Flaminio to the wonderful futuristic Villa Perugini in Fregene, passing through another thrilling scenic ride on a tourist bus in Rome. our Ophelia eventually does not drown, renouncing her destiny of romantic heroine to become a "normal person".

Reviving Ophelia

Reviving Ophelia is a Lifetime Original Movie starring Jane Kaczmarek and Kim Dickens. The title is a reference to the non-fiction book Reviving Ophelia.

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